2012-06 Zeeland

Early in the morning of June 16, I toss my gear in my car for a two hour drive to get from Het Westland via part of the Delta Works to my first destination in Zeeland at Alex (aka Grizzly) & Diane’s. Their English Staffordshire terrier, Tank, is very happy to see me again, his barefooted friend. Watch the video and you know why.

Saturday we fool around with the ‘barbie’, make fire with feathersticks & firesteel, practice some firebow and enjoy our well deserved ice cold beer. Sunday morning Diane drops us off and we get some time to play out in the forest.

Passing along some small ponds we enjoy a break now and then with a bite of salami or a (nice) cup of tea, brewed on the titanium Honey stove.

I am trying out my new camera, a Kodak Playsport Zx3 and that of course sounds a bit strange. This bush idiot , talking in English instead of Dutch to a camera and tries to keep his mate out of the shots since he doesn’t like to be filmed. Well you can’t win them all.

2012-06 Zeeland

After several sarcastic imitations of Edward Grylls and others, videoing in those conditions appear not always to be successful, we encounter a roe buck. We stop and enjoy watching it.

A group of day hikers comes our way with their dog unleashed. The roe stays still and the group, although seeing us stare into the woods, they, blissfully unaware they stomp through towards the beach. After a few minutes of just standing still we stalk the buck and get to about 20 yards of it. Then it slowly stands up and wanders off.

We too decide to wander on and at a small lake we toss up some squaw wood in the Ti Honey stove and prepare supper. Noodles with ‘Abon Sapi’, indonesian dried, ground beef. The days are still long so we could hike on for hours more, but after a climb up and down of the watch tower we decide to make camp.

Grizzly’s recently ordered Warbonnet Blackbird hadn’t landed yet so his first overnight hammock experience will be that in his Mosquito hammock. I set up my rig and explain a bit about what, why, where, something that might be a good video to do in Dutch to add to all the English explanations from ‘HammockForums.net‘ and Shug.

The straps from Alex’s Mosquito hammock are way too elastic so we need to take some measurements to have a comfortable hang. Tired and content we chit chat and just enjoy our surroundings to quietly fall a sleep.

Around five o’ clock in the morning I wake up and groggy as I am, enjoy the sound of raindrops on my tarp. The predicted stormfront didn’t come in and there are not many things in this world nicer then waking up in a hammock, nice, dry, warm and hearing the sound of raindrops on the flysheet.

Untill….. I have to get out to take a leak. A quick dash to a tree and back in the hammock. In the meantime Alex fired up his Jetboil for his ‘nice cuppa tea’.

Good idea, so I fire up the Ti Honey from the hammock. Luckily I had prepared it all the night before otherwise I would have to collect fuel in the rain. Feeding the fire a bit from a swaying hammock and a couple of minutes later I have my hot coco. A slug races from one end of the tarp towards Alex. Watching that I see movement between the grass. A very, very, very tiny little frog (sorry Hickery and Shug: No frog legs!) I guestimate three of them can fit on the nail of my little pinkie. Well that is what I call small.

After a bit my bowels tell me it is time to answer nature’s call and of course, just AFTER that it stops raining. Great timing! Well we break camp and walk back in about two hours towards our pick up point.

Well, my nickname ‘Born2Roam’ comes with a reason. So neither following the paths or checking maps and compass we arrive at an unknown spot. Allright then, let’s check the map. Aha… we are there, so if we walk there and there we wait at that point for Diane to pick us up.

All said and done and after a drive along a the touristy road along the shore we arrive at Alex & Diane’s place.

Since I still have another two hour drive ahead of me, we say goodbye and I drive back to Het Westland. All in all a good weekend that is aching for a sequel.

Thanks for your interest and ’till next time.

Grtz Johan

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